Future in Sport


and sparring-partner coaching
Femke Lobach


Leadership coaching:
A good leader connects with other people, starting with his or her self. Connection means understanding your own strengths and challenges, facing your shadow side and possible blind spots. Recognizing resistance and transference moments.

Why does a team not take responsibility? Is it because the leader still keeps control? Is the leadership style too instructive? How does the leader cope with conflict and confrontation in daily life? And how does this influence the team? How vulnerable is he (or she) in his own learning process? How does he cope with critique? These and other questions will surface during leadership coaching.

There are numerous examples from sports and businesses, of moments when the coach, the manager or the executive, unknowingly became the bottleneck to growth or change. Deep and true connection is the most powerful tool a leader needs, to reach a high performance with a team. I use the Inner Team Compass as one of the tools.

Sparring-partner coaching:
‘It is lonely at the top’, a cliché but unfortunately true. Every leader, whether in sports or business, needs a sparring partner. Someone with whom he or she can talk about sensitive subjects. Confidentially. Who understands, does not judge, but reflects and listens.