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Feeling the connection is essential and I realize that only when we meet will we truly know. But this short introduction might help in getting a picture of me.
I work on the intersection of sports and business, as I believe that each can learn from the other discipline. Connection, values and identity, that is the level I work on; a level deeper than skills and behavior. It is the layer of ‘why’, of the inner motivation, of direction. I work with teams and leaders. I am goal and result oriented. I like to challenge intellectually.

As a coach, I am at my best in the areas that I learned from the most. I learned to take time to reflect, pause and think about the successful moments and the lessons learned. Everyone makes mistakes, as do I. Being vulnerable in these lessons, is something I had to learn as well.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you are interested. Or check out my website or my blog, and see if you can find what suits your needs.


I wrote a blog about embracing values: “a lot of energy is lost in aiming the focus on the competition, energy that can be gained when the focus is aimed on development and sustainable values of the team instead. Values add a sense of purpose and direction, make a team unique and challenge team members to perform better”.



I have worked with judo, hockey, sailing and youth soccer players. World Championship Hockey, pre-Olympics judo and more. With teams and individuals. Some wonderful and challenging experiences. 

In business I have worked in the financial sector, B-to-B and the consumer market, with management and sales teams. At ING, Steinmetz and more recently NRC Media.

Training, coaching and workshops with a focus on the essence, ‘connection’ and ‘performance’.

As a top sports coach once said to me: ‘Everything you do needs to be related to the actual performance on the field’.

Sharp and involved
“I met Femke Lobach as a member of the Supervisory Board of the ARK Foundation. Her meeting preparation was always to the point; her questions were on the dot, sharp and teasing. One of her core qualities is to consistently connect issues to time frames. Does your strategy of today fit your mission for the coming years? Through her pro-active thinking and linking today’s issues to tomorrow’s strategies she has been a valuable asset in increasing the effectiveness and result orientation of ARK. And she did this in a respectful pleasant way. It does remind me of her other passion: sailing. You need a course to able to sail, and you need a team that is always alert, when and if the course needs to be changed to increase the effectiveness.”

Peter van Rooy - Directeur Adviesbureau Accanto en Innovatieprogramma NederLandBovenWater

“For 7 years Femke Lobach played an important role within our Supervisory Board. Thanks to her knowledge of marketing and communication, ARK became more visible within the media. Ark got more focussed on her pioneer’s role in nature area development. Through her sharp vision she stimulated ARK to focus more on her innovative strength. Her effectiveness and result orientation helped ARK to improve her strategy and mission. And translate this in day-to-day work. It was pleasurable to discuss these issues with her . I enjoyed working with her through all these 7 years.”

Wouter Helmer - Directeur ARK

“During this last hockey season we were supported (mentally) by Femke both individually and as a team. Her coaching was inspiring, enlightening and effective. We became closer as a team through the new awareness she has brought us of the various types and their specific features(MBTI®). Both individually and within the team we have been forced to have a moments thought for: our strength, challenges and why does someone react in a certain way. And how can we profit the most from the various types in our team. What does each type need from the coach and trainer? I enjoyed this mental coaching as it certainly opened my eyes to a number of factors in my own behaviour.”

Lien van der Lugt - Pinoké Dames 1

“I have been very fortunate to have been able to work with Femke at Pinoke hockey club with Heren 1 . We have built over the past few years a strong working relationship based on mutual respect and trust. This combined approach has allowed us to make quicker and more sustainable steps with players. I have witnessed first hand the benefit and the impact that Femke has had weekly with individual players in the team. The longer-term process followed by Femke has also allowed the players to develop themselves in a positive way through their strengths while being aware of areas that could hold back this growth.”

“Based on the success that I have seen first hand I approached Femke to consider working with the South African Woman’s National team and begin a fifteen month process aimed at assisting the team to deliver a peak performance at the World Cup in 2014. The four weeks in January with the SA woman’s team was remarkable in the way that the players responded so positively to the professionalism and methodology that Femke introduced to the players. Femke’s approach is unique in that she focuses on individuals within a team process, whilst also enlightening the players to the differences that exist and allow them to see this as a strength. This improves trust, communication and respect on a team level whilst raising the personal confidence and increasing the focus on an individual level. With 382 days to go to the WC2014 time remains an enemy of all teams, however there is strong confidence within the staff and players knowing that we will have access to the significant capacities that Femke has to offer on both an individual and team level.”

Giles Bonnet - Head Coach South African Women’s Team until 2015