vrijdag 13 oktober 2017

The bagel or the line

You have people who focus on the free bagel and people who only focus on  long line to get this free bagel.

‘There are two ways to see the world. You see the thing that you want or you see what prevents you from the thing that you want’ says Sinek.

I want to take it one step further. To be able to get the thing that you want you will also need to see what can prevent it. In other words dream big, focus on what you want and go for it. But also realize that you need to overcome obstacles, you will probably fail and try again and you have to make sacrifices to get there.

So me? I am the girl who sees the bagel and the line. Depending on my own mood I see more bagel or more line. My partner? He only sees the bagel but he needs me to remind him that there is a line, so he can make the choice to skip, pass or creatively ignore it. If he doesn’t see that line he will never get to the bagel. His brilliant ideas will stay in the clouds and will never surface.

I wish you all a bagel personality. Be creative, break some rules but never hurt anyone else in the process. This is what I love in life. Daring to be different.





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