maandag 17 oktober 2016

Of values teams and leaders

Inspired by a Titus Brandsma lecture of a few years ago, I share with you some of the essentials from this lecture. As it made me realize how often these are neglected in working with teams, whether it is in sports or in organizations. The list does not pretend to be complete, but it helps to offer another perspective.

A team consists of people. Without players or members there is no team. So how come that we often forget to talk about the values each member supports? And the values he truly acts upon? Whether it is congruent or not?

And what about the team values? Are they in sync with these individual values? And congruent?

A team is a system of social interaction, without people there is no interaction and thus no team. So who is part of this team? The staff? The players? The managers? The part-timers? What defines the borders of the team; Interaction? Relationship? Connection?

Every team needs (smart) goals and every team needs values. A value adds essence to a team. A value is sustainable. A value defines a team and makes a team unique. A value survives and gives hope, through storms, unreached goals and changes.

A lot of energy is lost in focussing on the competition. Energy that can be gained in focussing on development and sustainable values. Values, add a sense of purpose and direction, makes a team unique and challenges team-members to outdo themselves.

A leader continuously reminds the members about ‘what makes this team unique’, why it exists, the values it acts upon, what it adds to society.

Leaders inspire verbally and nonverbally. Members of a team feel if the underlying emotions and beliefs are true or false. In strategy, mission or goals. True leadership is creating the right conditions instead of working on the results.

True leadership focuses on values instead of adding new rules and norms to a never-ending list. Rather focus on improving values, the conscience, awareness and responsibility of each member and thus the team. Norms and lists lead to control and restriction. Clear goals and intrinsic values lead to freedom. Freedom leads to creativity and productivity.

Leaders truly listen to feedback from inside and outside the team. Leaders observe without immediate judgment. Leaders give recognition and respect. Leaders give security and a feeling of (psychological) safety. Leadership is dynamic, grows, develops and is authentic. A true leader reflects and learns continuously. Leaders set the example.

Leaders are not the work they do. Leaders give their heart, soul and mind to the work they love.


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