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Team Performance Coaching

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Team Performance Coaching

For teams and leaders who want to work together towards a higher performance.
In training I use the Inner Team Compass (ITC). This model shows which course to take in coaching. It mirrors personal growth and team development. The common ground in this model is change through truly connecting, resulting in sustainable growth and development.

Under pressure, many of us fall back into an autopilot reaction, forgetting our learned behavior, as the automatic almost reflex-like reaction is stronger. Whether you are on a field, in a court, or behind your desk, essentially it is the same.
The compass shows different angles from where to start, as each individual or team is unique. But they all have one thing in common: each has a blind spot and each of us has an automatic reaction under pressure. Symbolized by the dark grey circle in this model.

That is why I prefer to work on location, on the job, as I believe that the connection and change starts there, in the actual environment when performing under pressure. Through observation I get to know your autopilot reaction in a team situation, in a one-on-one coaching situation, I give feedback on these observations. Observe, recognize, discuss and train alternative behavior.

Only when you recognize and accept these shadow parts, will you able to recognize and understand this ‘grey area’ in other people. Only then will you be able to truly connect and perform as a team. Achieving this could be something you have only dreamt of.

Team coaching:
Recognize and respect differences and similarities between players of a team and work together towards the same goals. Different styles can cause clashes but in the end each style will be complementary in its own authentic way. Understanding your own style and respecting other styles will lead to more effective communication and better results.


I use a compass for this model. The various courses you can take in connecting with your inner self. Whether in sports or in business, you always start with truly knowing yourself before you get to know and connect with others.