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Future in Sport

Mental Growth to a Higher Performance

Future in Sport

For young potentials and sports clubs.
Sport is not only about what you can but also about what you are willing to learn. Sport is about fun and personal development. About being curious, have an eagerness to learn and finding inspiration in others. Sports is so much more than just technical, tactical and physical training, it a mental challenge.

Sport is not about winning or losing but about being competitive and at the same time selfless. It is about hard work, being technical and tactical skillful, have a winning mentality and being a team player. It is about showing guts, daring greatly, making mistakes and learning. This is a true challenge. So why is there no focus on personal and mental training as part of the development program?

The Future in Sport program does. We start training at a young age. We hold an intake interview and make a individual mental map. What are the focus areas of improvement? How can a young player develop himself mentally as in sports?  We created a mental training that can be integrated in the physical, technical and tactical program. We translate the vision of the sportclub into daily practice and even the selection of players.

How?  Through structured interviewing of potential talents, training staff, trainers and coaches in the principles of creating a growth mindset. We train mentors te be a role model for the young players. We offer life style coaching, sport specific coaching and coaching on individual challenges.  We make the process and progress measurable through  behavior and feedback. We translate the values of a club into personal characteristics a player needs.

I work together with Doris van der Laan, human movement scientist and physiotherapist.

Future in Sport is aimed at improving performance through mental training and growth mindset training that starts at a young age.